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I'm Melissa : Melissa means "honey bee' in Greek and I have 8 honey bees tattooed across my back. I love the movies, daydreaming, leftover Chinese take out and being married. I'm addicted to learning new things and take online classes all the time. I LOVE to make mixes and I'm always updating a running playlist of songs that I'm listening to: some I love, some old favorites, and some that I want to hear again before I make a decision.


I photograph life while you are living it. I don't ever tell anyone in front of my camera to smile because I think fake smiles are the worst. I have celebrated with clients in Guatemala and Alaska, in the desert and the mountains, in backyards and church yards. Each was equally wonderful because the magic is not in the where but always in the who. You may start out feeling awkward but you won't for long. If it's not fun then I'm not doing my job. I'm not stealing your soul but sharing it with the future.


Right now I'm in love with Brooklyn 99, the British Journal of Photography , the Parkland students, our new dog Roscoe and handwriting out my thoughts.



It's all about the images after all. Please check out the galleries below or click "image galleries" above and you'll be taken to a page with more options.


Sometimes you won't even realize I was there at all.


"Be specific but not memorable, be funny but don't make him laugh. He's got to like you then forget you the moment you've left his side.



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I still blog and I love it. Want to see what's new, what's happening, what I'm working on now (or was working on recently). Check out my blog "here today" (fun fact, I wanted "here today" to be the studio name, but everyone I knew kept suggesting I use my "blog" name "A Girl In Love") I was STILL not sure if I should use my Writing Blog name until I went to buy the domain name "heretoday.com" and realized it wasn't saying anything about ME and that my friends were right. For someone who says "I love you", "I love this.." " I loved it.." a dozen times a day and means it MOST of the time "a girl in love photography" summed up what I'm all about better then anything else could.

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