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"there is grandeur in this view of life... that, whilst this planet has gone cycling on according to the fixed law of gravity from so simple a beginning endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful have been and are being evolved." - darwin

Ryan and Chad’s Eagle Crest Resort

I don’t think there is anything better then friends and family getting together to celebrate two people they love being in love and a rainbow cake.  The grooms speech had me choking back cheers and tears and then there was the amazing first song and mom’s dance sung by  the grooms niece Amelia and THEN some fantastical dancing with the Dueling Pianos! 

You couldn’t be there but this is the next best! 

planning @beautifuldayplanning 

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The Kerner family . Sylvania, Ohio .

I have been reworking my portfolios and website in a new design (that may go live before the new year) and it’s made me do a lot of thinking about what I value in what I do.  I’m ten years in and it’s no longer about taking “great” photos.  That’s now the easy part.  So I’ve been soul searching what I LOVE about what I do and what I think is “great”.  

This is what I VALUE about what I do and these images are the kinds of images that I want to focus on.  I don’t want to pretend I’m not there.  I don’t want to pretend that I don’t take a photo of all the family together, I love those photos as much as I love the candids and the portraits.  Lifestyle is NOT the same as real.  Real for me is being there, and being part of the family, the day, the event, capturing it intimately.  A friend with a camera and a few directions when needed.  My images are all about the people in them, the varied, diverse, silly, dramatic, traditional, families and friends and who they are together as well as individually.

Kitsie and Tai’s family and our sessions are everything I’m talking about.  I’ve photographed them for years, from engagements to first Halloweens and everything in between and this is what I love to capture.  It’s NOT (just) because of the amazing story the pictures tell, of the family, of the day, of the time or the moment.  You may not know that someone had such a bad back they moved in slow motion, or someone else wouldn’t be in any image without her fairy in it too.  You may see some members of the family aren’t in love with traditional family photos but we can do both and everyone is okay with that.  If I just shared the “portraits” you wouldn’t see the “photobombs” that occurred, first with the littles during the “adult combo formals” (I call them sister pics) if I didn’t share them and you certainly wouldn’t see the parent’s photobombing the “all the cousins” wagon photo, but THOSE are the images that tell us who the Kerners are… THOSE photos aren’t FOR YOU (or ME) they are for the KERNERS and the cousins will have these images (in albums or printed or shared forever on facebook) and their kids will have these photos (printed on the wall!) and they will always be able to time travel back to this summer and not just how they all looked, but who they were together, as a family.

That is what I love to create, a roue of who this family is, time travel, a look back at who and what we are at this moment, in that moment, at that place.  The looking at the camera and the moments, sometimes funny, sometimes serious “behind” it as well.       Thank you Kerners for trusting me and letting me into your lives, you all inspire me!

Loving being there and capturing the love, the good and the crazy
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Jen and David . Ann Arbor, MI . Engagement Session with Family

When two people meet and fall in love a lot more comes with that then just the love part.  Especially when each of the partners has children.  Two each in this case.  We all went out and celebrated not only Jen and David’s engagement, but the whole family coming together, and it was wonderful.  There were laughs and some tears and a whole lot of love and that is what family is all about.

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Hughes Family . County Farm Park . Ann Arbor

I love these guys.  The little brother wanted my camera, and the big sister was saucy and sweet and had all kinds of ideas and we just ran around and did them all! I used to take Ares when he was little to County Farm and had to find the little bigs that used to have water splashing on them!  Meghan even lay back in the flowers, it doesn’t get any better then this!

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Leslie . Personal Brand Session . Saline

Leslie is a writer and contacted me looking for a session where she could be herself, do a few different fun things, and capture a bit of who she is and her personality for various uses.  Different from a “headshot” session, these shots are going to be more lifestyle, more editorial.  Life isn’t looking straight ahead and just smiling anymore and it’s okay to share a bit of who you are.  Your genuine self is going to be what shines in a session like this.

We did a few different scenes, but we talked about how the images were going to be used, making sure that there was space for copy and cropping, that there was enough of a variety that they could be used in different publications as needed!  We even got some “action” shots, that were unplanned but came out amazing

 This is my favorite kind of session right now, like a graduate shoot for adults!! I do this for businesses as well and will share more soon but for now, here is Leslie, shining like the amazing woman she is!

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Welcome Jacob . Newborn Session . Dexter, MI

Welcome baby Jacob to the amazing Skidmore clan! I had the pleasure of photographing the huggiest, holdings baby session ever. The girls are used to me by now, so are the grandma’s and even Gene doen’t fuss about me snapping away. Mostly everyone just wanted to hold the new bean and so that is what we did. (I even caught a couple of Phoebe!)


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