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Since I was about 11 years old and discovered a slim, university bound in dark blue tome of Shakespeare’s sonnets I’ve wanted to go to England. I memorized the kings and queens from 800 ad on and read anything and everything I could about the history.  My mother in law, knowing this started the planning a big trip last year then left it up to me and bam.  Last month I with 8 other members of my weird and wonderful extended family went to London and Paris with a stop in Salisbury/Stonehenge along the way.  So many photos.. do people really like to look at other peoples vacation photos… I do.  So here is a mixed up jumble of where we when and what we saw.  My family snapshots chosen out of 100′s by jut picking what caught my eye this time through.  What did I like the most.. walking to the grocery at dusk in Paris in the light rain.  What did I like the least, the photo frenzies in the Louvre.. no one looks at the art, it’s all a race to take selfies with it and  I found it very sad.  What was the highlight, watching Ares embrace everything different, from asking for crisps in the store to directing us on the subway!  My ten year old took on two of the biggest cities in the world like a world travler and that is a gift that is beyond priceless to me.


(sean took most of the selfies on his iphone :) (not in the louvre) and you can see them on my instagram :) )


The hardest thing about having photos taken at your wedding is waiting for them! Especially when your photographer is out of town for two weeks after your wedding!!  It’s especially hard to wait when your day is as beautiful and full of love and blessings as Allison’s and Alex’s day was.  Here is a few images that capture just a tiny bit of the joy that was made just a few weeks ago!  Wishing you the same Joy for your whole lives together!



Bridgette and Bryan were married at the Grosse Point Academy across from the lake where Bryan grew up sailing on.  It was a magic day, full of laughter, love, some tears for those who could not be there and an endless amount of hugs for those who were!


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Senior sessions for me are about celebrating who each Senior is, who they have been and who they are going to be!  What I love is during the course of a session the personalities of each senior comes out!  Allison is her own person, I met her when her brother had his photos done two years ago but she was not at all sure when we started her session that I wasn’t full of crap…  my look right- look left -shake it out was met with a bit of doubt, until I showed her a couple pictures!  Then it was on!!! We had so much fun and I can not wait to show her all of the images in the studio!! For now Allison here are a few of my favorites, if I had posted them all the server would have crashed!!




Fjora’s Grandma (and my favorite FB friend) and Grandpa came to visit my Studio mates not to long ago and as it had been a year since we’d taken photos with them all together I popped over to get some shots and catch up with Bernice!  Fjora as usual stole the show… it was pretty lovely to see how loved she is and the cuddles with mom who had run out to the store but was just back were priceless!

Thank you all for letting me come by and capture a tiny bit of your awesomesauce!