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I had the great pleasure of photographing Liza and Ashu’s intimate wedding at their good friend’s ridiculously wonderful restaurant Asta downtown Boston this summer.  Shooting as a friend, there with a small group of people and feeling the love, the care and the warmth enveloping all who participated and that love surrounding the new Bride and Groom.  It was everything a wedding can be.  Simply sublime, just as is Liza and Ashu.  The care all involved put in, holding a space for the couple was inspiring.  From the bride getting ready to each dish being served at dinner and the speakers over the night talking about what made Liza and Ashu wonderful as individuals and extraordinary together.  I was thankful to be chosen to be there to document the day and am honored to share these images now.  

I wasn’t feeling the holiday spirit until I went out with Kait and David and their little Leif to get their Christmas tree! Leif was a great sport and put up with me until right near the very end where he said he was “done” and we went into the little warm-up room for hot cocoa and cookies! Bunch of Pines was a really sweet place, great owners and the trees were BEAUTIFUL.  (I’m a super picky tree shape person, it’s a real bummer for most people having to deal with me, and I could have picked ANY OF THE TREES on their farm they were awesome)  As I’m done wrapping presents and I’m getting ready for a 2-week staycation with my guys I wanted to share this memory making, smile-inducing, holiday spirit-rousing, family session.  Happy Christmas to all who celebrate and happy solstice to those who do not!!

When Katie and Ondre came into my studio to meet me over a year ago I was smitten.  They were planning their dream wedding and blending their two families into one big glorious one.   We shot their engagement session with their kids and Katie filled me on what she wanted and how excited they were to be having their wedding in the big house.  I knew it would be special and their day lived up to every expectation.   Weddings can be a lot of things, beautiful, meaningful, funny, fun and well thought out.  Katie’s day was all of those things and more.  Tears and joy and laughter.  Memorable new traditions like tying a know together and honoring the past and jumping the broom all together.   It was my immense honor to be there and it was horrible trying to pick photos as usual.  Here is just a little peek into all the amazingsauce that was Katie and Ondre’s day.


Lane and Noah wanted a very low key photography vibe.   Some things, like their “first look” before the wedding, was just for them (though I could shoot from  distance and did :) ) Before the wedding they filled out their marriage certificate, Lane is a lawyer and the signing of the witnesses was included in the ceremony, but the soon to be husband and wife took the paperwork to a private room and filled out their parts together. I moved in and sat back, not disturbing them to catch these frames.  I’ve done a lot of weddings and am a romantic through and through this was so special.  His hands on her’s their foreheads together.  It made me a bit teary and after I got the shots I left quietly, letting them have some real time to themselves.

For the past few years I’ve had the pleasure of photographing Shanan’s son and step-daughter for the holidays, this year they brought a guest, little C their new cousin.  I am a super sucker for cousin pics and we had fun getting the holiday card images we need but playing with the baby and everyone getting some time with her!! Cards are out so I can share some of the images and outtakes.. Merry Holidays all!!!

  • Melanie Miller - They are amazing pictures! Cousins make the bestest friends! It helps that Camryn is super cute??December 6, 2017 – 9:28 pm

This last year I’ve had a lot of Seniors with siblings that were much younger and it’s been a treat (and a surprise) to find that these little ones at the graduates’ session help keep things light!   Kam not only helped keep Dusty’s mind off the fact that he was the main focus of the afternoon, but the laughter, banter, and hugs worked as a GREAT way to loosen up and enjoy the process.   We’d focus on Big Brother and then Little Brother would have a few moments in the spotlight.   In the end we got some amazing images of each boy and then a couple special ones of them together that I know MOM was happy about!!!  Wes had on his cook hat and his suspenders with a bow tie in honor of the day and Dusty started out in his letter jacket and then we did some more theatrical stuff at the park! Thank you all for hanging out and playing with me around town!!!

  • Margie Good - These photos are priceless. Dusty and Kam are my oldest and youngest grandsons. Your work has touched a Very special place in my heart. Proud to be their grandmaDecember 4, 2017 – 9:25 pm