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The studio isn’t just for headshots and media shoots.  Families fit too!   Celebrating Fathers Day with Suman’s family!!! Maybe a lifestyle session is more then you want, maybe your tween isn’t into pictures. Suman and his girls and son came in and it was fun AND painless, and we even got some laughs!! Thank you for helping me break  in my new space and happy Fathers Day!!

Sam’s mom brought her to 726 Packard for a mini photo session before Jr. Prom.  Something to celebrate Sam and her sparkle fantastic jumpsuit.    No posing really, just Sam being Sam, nothing more needed.   Our real us is the good stuff.   Mom wrote me after seeing them ” LOVE THESE.”  “You captured her spirit. What a gift, and as I told you already, she had a blast at prom, no doubt heading in feeling beautiful.”     We had fun and got Mom in a few as well.   I love these moments, and these images will be there for Sam to look back and smile while remembering.  


I LOVE engagement sessions.  The spiel is that it allows me, your photographer, to get to know you, the people I am photographing.  In a low stress, relaxed and chill hang out somewhere you love while we take some pictures.  It does help with the actual wedding day, you get to see what I do, how I work and I get to see what you are comfy with and hear your feedback on the images.  But that isn’t the main reason I still include my engagement sessions with every wedding package for free.

I do it because I forking love doing it.

I like getting to know and befriend my clients, I like seeing who they are and how they are most comfortable.  I like hearing the feedback on which images they like the best! I lOVE showing them how beautiful they are and I like taking photos like this.

Maddy and Stephen love Detroit and each other, and we celebrated both a couple weeks ago on a beautiful, mostly sunny and almost warm, day in the D  thank you both for being who you are and letting me capture some of it!! (and showing me your fav places)