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My son is 12 years old today.  He makes me as proud as I have ever been of anything.  He surprises me with his wit, his sensitivity, his calm and his insight.  He teaches me how to be more mindful, how to listen better, how to let go of chips on my shoulder and how to have fun.  He is growing up into his own person, we can see it now more clearly each season and it’s happening faster and faster, soon he’ll be all grown – but we are treasuring each and every moment we get to spend with him now.   Happy Birthday Ares.  We love you so.



2015 was our busiest year yet!  More family sessions, more weddings and we are even booking bar/bat mitzvahs! The focus this year was on personal experiences, letting kids be themselves, seniors decide where THEY wanted to have their picture taken and what THEY wanted to wear.  We started the year off by going to a three day photographer fling in Portland and ended the year on NYE with a wedding that was a huge celebration of love and life.  The busier we get the more I work to keep the focus on the moment, not rushing.  Taking a moment after the ceremony and even if we are shooting portraits letting the bride and groom have THEIR time and I’m there, I am photographing their moments but I’m not interfering.  Photo-journalism means real life to me and real life is always going to be more beautiful and more meaningful if we give it a chance to do it’s thing and just tell the story as it happens.  This goes for family sessions as well.  I want to thank each and every one of my clients this year for letting me into your families, taking me into your circles of intimacy and trusting me to hold space and document you and your loves.  Heres to another amazing year!


  • Kiran - Just beautiful and inspired as always!! I hope we can see you again in 2016, too!! XO KiranJanuary 14, 2016 – 4:35 pm

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When she was studying in medical school they would come to the Matthai botanical gardens and she would study and he would pass the time playing on his phone or hike and taking photos.  They were back over the holiday and we hung out in the old digs, still just as pretty and really warm in the middle of November.



A wedding is a celebration of two people who are promising their lives to each other and it is also a celebration of the friends and the family who have been cheering them on the first part of their journey, and now are all joining together to support them for the second part!.  Anne and Kip’s day was exactly this!



I don’t tell anyone to “smile”.  I’m not just against the age old “say cheese” I’m against trying to get someone to do something spontaneously based on nothing.  So at sessions, especially the first time meeting a couple, I explain that it’s about hanging out, enjoying ourselves and not worrying about what we look like…  I don’t know about other photographers but it doesn’t do me any good to take pictures of people looking miserable or trying to pretend to be happy.  What I especially like about this philosophy of photography is that it takes a load of pressure off the subjects, in this case the beautiful Megan and Scott, and they get to be their own wonderful, glorious selves… which as we see here, quite often ends up in tons of smiles :)  My blogging has fallen a bit behind but I’m trying to catch up and share some of the amazing people I get to photograph and I am so looking forward to their wedding next year!!!