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Most of my work is found through recommendations and referrals, word of mouth is what it’s called.   My favorite is photographing family weddings.  Catie and Ryan were married 2 years ago and this summer I  photographed Laura and Fabien’s wedding.   (Laura was even there for some of Caite and Ryan’s engagement session!) We started with the guys, getting ready in the newly designed @graduate downtown Ann Arbor and then out to Laura’s parents, which is where we were two years ago!  This time Dad’s tears didn’t surprise me, but I did start to tear up a bit myself! The day was just as beautiful, with a bit more dancing :) Choosing the photos for the post here I was again struck by the loving kindness and care Laura and Cait’s family express to each other and everyone around them.  I got to know Fabien’s family, just a bit, and they are so warm and kind, so I chose more family photos then I might usually and as you look maybe you will notice the hands, reaching out in image after image to express love.

And then it was all dancing, the Grooms had choreographed a fabulous piece with some of the wedding party and before changing for dinner thrilled the guests with a life and smoke effects!  Then they dressed for dinner and the night was all eating, drinking and getting down on the dance floor (after the moms of the grooms got a special dance as well)  LOVE it all!!  For a list of all the vendors see the bottom of this post!

so many people made this day something special if I missed anyone it was all on me and not the fault of the grooms

Two Foot Creative
Parsonage Events
Wouldn’t It Be Lovely
Quest Productions
Display Group
Big Top Party Rental
Event Source
Dance Place LTD
Mitten Films
Golden Limo
Shawn Boucke Violinist
Liz Andre-Stotz Officiant
Bluewater Kings Band
Holiday Market

Brandon and Donald had a real vision of what they wanted for their wedding day and it was fantastic.  Like being in the Grooms perfect day!  The florals by Liz at Parsonage Events and the Planning by Two Foot Creative were outstanding.  Jam Handy was an old silent movie warehouse, now used for events, it was stunning.  The wedding ceremony itself was held in the round, and the wedding party came out from different parts of the room and crossed showing off the suits and gowns fashion show style.   Cocktail hour was a cool blue chill out, with the portrait booth (I’ll share later) and full bar and apps, it was fun just to be in there!  The ceremony room was flipped for dinner and the change was magical.

I tell the story of a wedding day with images.  I’m going to tell the story of Donald and Brandon’s wedding day in parts, with images and a few notes as well because Brandon and Donald’s wedding had so much love and care and time and thought put into it by the Grooms, the Planner, the Florist Designer, Officiant and a myriad of friends and family I can’t do any less.  I’ve spent the year before getting updates on the in the round wedding ceremony and talking portrait booth sets (YES SETS) for the reception.  So when the guys were the married month it was a fantastic fairy tale’s happy ending.    I’m excited to share it!

I snuck a few images the day before with the grooms and bridal party rehearsing the dance.

Part one is getting ready, gifts and portraits with the bridal party off the railroad track by Central Station, family shots Downtown Detroit, and then some time for grooms portraits at the old Fort.