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When Ares was born I would have rather died then have photos taken the first two months. I didn’t sleep, I was nursing non stop, I was exhausted and I’d lost a ton of blood so my iron was low and I got dizzy every time I walked more then 5 steps the first two weeks. Sometimes new moms and dads don’t have the energy or the inclination to have a photo session that first 1-7 days of their newborns coming home.  GASP, it riles me to no end to see advice everywhere that if it doesn’t get done early there will be a disaster.  No disasters, no face acne, no “missing out” on anything will occur, it just means that nesting is happening and when the new family is ready the photos will be too.  Danielle and Jesse set up one date for their session, but when the time came sleep was something much more important then photos and we rescheduled.  Like all reschedules it ended up being magical.  Here are a few images from their newborn session.



Kelsie and Ryan are getting married in Chicago and had a beautiful “regular” engagement but wanted to do something a little more crossfit oriented!!! After seeing so many great sessions in gyms around the web we gave it a go!!  LOVE how these turned out, love these two people and am so so so happy for them and their impending nuptials!!!!  2015-08-20_00032015-08-20_00042015-08-20_00052015-08-20_00072015-08-20_00092015-08-20_00082015-08-20_00102015-08-20_00112015-08-20_00122015-08-20_00132015-08-20_00142015-08-20_00162015-08-20_00172015-08-20_00182015-08-20_00192015-08-20_00202015-08-20_00212015-08-20_00222015-08-20_00232015-08-20_00242015-08-20_00252015-08-20_00262015-08-20_00272015-08-20_0028


Lindsey and Matt’s wedding day was beautiful, moving, exciting, and inspiring.  Family and friends came together to celebrate the love they have for this amazing couple and it was something special.  Even the rain, which rained down in great buckets and light mists most of the day parted for us in the evening and we got to go out onto the field of the beautiful University of Michigan Football stadium and enjoy a few moments of photo bliss.  I’m especially proud of what we accomplished in the rain and am so happy to be sharing these photographs from their big day in the big house!  Congratulations Lindsey and Matt.2015-08-09_00022015-08-09_00032015-08-09_00042015-08-09_00052015-08-10_00012015-08-09_00062015-08-10_00032015-08-09_00072015-08-09_00082015-08-09_00092015-08-09_00102015-08-09_00112015-08-09_00122015-08-09_00232015-08-09_00152015-08-09_00142015-08-09_00162015-08-09_00172015-08-09_00182015-08-09_00192015-08-09_00202015-08-09_00472015-08-09_00212015-08-09_00362015-08-09_00352015-08-09_00252015-08-09_00272015-08-10_00022015-08-09_00262015-08-09_00282015-08-09_00292015-08-09_00302015-08-09_00312015-08-09_00332015-08-09_00322015-08-09_00372015-08-09_00382015-08-09_00842015-08-09_00402015-08-09_00392015-08-09_00412015-08-09_00422015-08-09_00432015-08-09_00442015-08-09_00452015-08-09_00852015-08-09_00462015-08-09_00492015-08-09_00502015-08-09_00512015-08-09_00522015-08-09_00532015-08-09_00542015-08-09_00552015-08-09_00562015-08-09_00572015-08-09_00582015-08-09_00592015-08-09_00602015-08-09_00612015-08-09_00622015-08-09_00632015-08-09_00642015-08-09_00652015-08-09_00662015-08-09_00672015-08-09_00682015-08-09_00692015-08-09_00702015-08-09_00712015-08-09_00722015-08-09_00732015-08-09_00742015-08-09_00752015-08-09_00762015-08-09_00772015-08-09_00782015-08-09_00802015-08-09_00812015-08-09_00822015-08-09_0083planner: Twofoot Creative

Hair and Makeup: ImagineThree
Caterer: Moveable Feast
Rentals: Event Source
Paper products: Gourmet Invitations
Dessert: Sweet Heather Anne
florist: Bill Hamilton
Band: Killer Flamingos
Dress: Amsale
Videographer: Shane Tincu