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I have never seen anyone with as many amazing friends… a huge bridal party of people who were all there 110% for their friends who were getting married.  You couldn’t imagine the love that continued on from getting ready through the end of the night and hugs and handshakes and the bride and groom glowing and enjoying the time with the most important people in their lives!! Congratulations Dara and Tom!! 

I have had maybe three clients who were practiced in front of the camera in my whole wedding photography career.  Almost every real person is not used to posing and being photographed and most of my clients are not interested in doing anything other than being their own fabulous selves and having that be what we see in the images!! I think this is the most gratifying part of what I do.  One of the things I love about this is that it means that I work with my couples to find a place to photograph their engagement where they have a connection, where they feel comfortable, and maybe they can show me some of their secret spaces!!! We did just that with Andrea and Jason’s engagement sessions… Andrea is the only person I’ve ever run a 5k with and they suggested one of their favorite walking/running spots.  It was a new trail to me, not far from my house and it was pretty special walking it and stopping to enjoy the views with them!! Love these images and love this couple!! I even played with something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately, bringing back some selective colour (a terribly bad word in some circles) and I’m really pleased with the results!!

Meaghan and Eric wanted a few images and a relaxed home session just showing their chill and amazing family and I love it!  From here on out because the mini sessions did so well I’ll be offering smaller at your home 1hour 10 image sessions for $500.00.  If you live more than 30 miles outside of Ann Arbor there may be a driving fee but I want more of this, you being you and your kids just doing their thing!! Love it so much! The hardest thing is going to be having to pick your images!! (and you can always purchase them all of course!!)

Six years ago I photographed Lauren’s sister Ashley’s wedding.  I consider it the highest compliment to be called back and be able to celebrate a family twice.  Lauren and David wanted a relaxed, big family dinner vibe and Cafe Cortina was the perfect place for them. (Ashley’s wedding was at the Michigan State Stadium)  So getting to do such different but equally wonderful weddings with a group of people I knew well was really fun.  Thank you all for allowing me to document such important times for your family.

These two are busy, they are doing things and changing the world for the better, so the engagement session needed to be a respite from busy, something chill.  We met downtown at Caseys’ Tavern and decided to just take a walk up to Zingermans where I would leave them to do dinner and enjoy some them time!!! Which is just what we did.  I love styled, planned shoots, but there is something just as wonderful about walking and talking and seeing where the streets and our feet take us.  Their wedding is this weekend and I am giddy to celebrate with them.

So I was/am a late bloomer, I spent my first 30 years trying to find myself, I just wanted to be good at something that I could use to make other people happy.  Something I could do to show people how special they were, how beautiful, show them how they looked through my eyes.  So I’m a photographer now, and I love it, but even better when people I love ask me to photograph them and I get to share how wonderful they are with the rest of the world, well selfishly, it makes my heart sing.  (a cliche but true).  I’ve known Natalie for 4 years or so, and we see each other in our sweatiest most tired moments, she’s a cross fitter like me.  She’s beautiful lifting weight, or doing sit-ups or running, especially running which she is amazing at.  But to get to see her, with her amazingly wonderful fiance Chris, smiling in a beautiful dress with love shining in her eyes.  Well, it’s what I do this for.  Thank you Natalie and Chris and fur babies!! I am so happy to know you and so excited for your big day.