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There was the International Space station that we got to play in, yard races and playing with the dogs!  Then it was the park.  Climbing the walls, playing with “Garbage” the stuffed penguin and chasing bubbles.  Big brother was exploring and little brother just started walking a WEEK before so I got my heart rate up chasing them all about and Erin and Sarah blissfully managed the snacks, the hugs, and a change of clothes! Thank you  for letting me hang around with your amazing and wonderful family and play all morning !


I am beyond lucky to have two awesome spaces where I work.  I live in the rural wilds around Ann Arbor and it’s a 40 minute drive into my studio.  I like to work late at night and sometimes randomly early in the morning and of course during the day when I’m not shooting so I have a home office to do all my processing, blogging, emailing, admin, ordering etcetera!  What that means is when someone asks if they can stop by the studio to drop off a thank you gift, I’m always at a loss because I’m rarely there!!!

SO today I thought I’d share some pics of my home office.  It was built as an efficiency for a family member who ended up not needing it and three months later I moved from a desk upstairs by the TV into my own space!  I walk about 15 feet from the house so I have a little commute and my view is the neighbors garden, grape vines and the occasional deer or squirrel! It’s perfect!  Kerri has her own little desk and she comes out once a week to touch base, pick up pictures and order stuff!! Here is a tiny tour of my little working space! (Complete with a corner of my VERY messy desk and the dog conked out after playing outside).  The last image is on the deck, the back door of my house is directly across from the little porch and door into my office! (off camera to the right)


  • Betty - What? No shot of the beverage fridge? I feel let down.October 1, 2015 – 2:46 pm

  • Susan - i love your space! It’s full of great energy and wonderful light. I felt so at home and welcome when I stayed there.October 1, 2015 – 3:03 pm


Jena and Dan’s wedding celebration was held at the Meadowbrook Hall and took full advantage of it’s glamorous setting to create a fairy tale evening.  Lush with love, flowers and dancing.  I am blessed to get to photograph so many different styles and traditions of wedding celebrations.  Jena and Dan’s wedding ceremony was held with only very close family a few days before the wedding reception.  It was fantastical being there while the room erupted with cheers and applause and laughter as Dan and Jena were escorted in and her father held their hands together, then their mothers came up and gave them hugs and blessings!  They dancing the traditional first dance together and then after dinner was served Jena danced and invited everyone else onto the floor to celebrate!  Congratulations Jena and Dan, thank you for letting us celebrate with you.


2015-09-22_0001One of the things I get asked a lot is “Where is your favorite place to shoot?”  to which I do not have an answer because there isn’t one favorite place, though Detroit would be top of the list albeit not too specific.  The other thing I get asked is what are my favorite kinds of weddings… Again that’s a hard one because I like variety and I get a lot of it.  But if I’m forced to try to narrow it down I’d say Detroit weddings and Backyard weddings, which until Rosie and KC’s wedding I hadn’t seen combined! Most of my Detroit couples have apartments and that would rule out the backyard.  Which is where The Inn at Ferry street comes in!  The Inn at Ferry is right downtown Detroit (walking to the Art Museum!)  and the Inn is like a series of family homes!  The tents and the ceremony space was fantastic and shooting there was a dream!  (the parking was even easy peasy if I can be so mundane about such a magical day)  Then of course there is Rosie and KC and their family’s.  Beautiful through and through!  The day was perfect and I have a new answer to the question where I would have MY wedding if I were going to get married again!



planning : Ana twofoot creative
floral design : Bill Hamilton Design
venue : Inn on Ferry Street, Detroit, MI


Everyday is really perfect for an engagement session, don’t let me kid you, but for my first 10 am morning session ever I have to say it was especially lovely!  Emma and Phil and I walked the gardens and enjoyed one of the last days of summer together!  I even played a bit with the fish eye :) Here is their engagement session!