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The day was a celebration of not only two people in love but of their two families, each with two children, coming together to make something special.  It was cold, middle of January and so we found a little consignment shop and popped in for family photos then the ceremony and the reception was celebrated at Evans Street Station where the groom is also the chef!  Love everyone in every image and am so so so happy for them all!! Congratulations Melissa and Kelly!!

  • trisha - Gosh, these photographs are so warm and lovely and glorious and freaking life-affirming. I love every one of them. The photos and the people.March 20, 2017 – 3:53 pm

  • June Jacobs - Gorgeous photos. All the love came tumbling through.March 20, 2017 – 5:38 pm

  • melissa - Thank you Trisha!! that means so much to me coming from you!!!March 20, 2017 – 5:43 pm

  • melissa - thank you June!!March 20, 2017 – 5:44 pm

I had a dream two nights ago and in it I was hanging out with Nicole and Jeff and everything was pretty wonderful!  Then I woke up and realized I’d never shared their amazing Ann Arbor, Botanical Gardens, Zingermans Greyline, Violin Monster beautiful beautiful friends and family day!!! SO I’m fixing that right now!! (I must go back and see what else I missed posting from last year).  Thank you Nicole and Jeff and everyone involved for letting me be part of your day!  

wedding : Matthai Botanical Gardens

officiant : Paul Saginaw

cake : Zingermans Bakery

reception : the Greyline

So I have finally gone and pulled images for my 2015 highlights.  I’ve been prepping for this look back for a while and I’m behind the curve so many other 2016 retro’s are out there to see.   One thing I’ve noticed about the myriad of photography sites is the descriptor “storyteller” showing up all over the place.   I use the word story a lot but I’ve never used “storyteller” in any of my bits and blubs.   I guess I took it for granted, isn’t that what a photographer is, do we have to say we tell stories.  I don’t know what a photo is if not a story, or a hint of a story.  My favorite part of weddings is the story of the day.  Each image is its own thing but combined, to me, they are magic.  Distilling a day into a rich roux of moments.  Family sessions are the same, we are seeing a verse, a paragraph, a chapter, in the life of a child, a baby, a parent, a couple. Combine these sessions over the years and we start to get chapters,  telling a longer tale.   I am going into my tenth year of telling your story, and telling your story has helped me shape my own.  I am grateful.   Here are just a few of the stories, the chapters, the paragraphs, a bit of verse, that I was honored to tell in 2016. 

Lauren and Aaron’s day was a whirlwind of art and embraces.  We had the whole Detroit Museum of Art to ourselves and it was beyond beautiful.  Museum weddings are my favorite’s (if I absolutely had to pick) and getting to photograph these two on the happiest day of their lives in one of the crowning jewels of Detroit was absolutely beyond belief.   I tried to capture not only the beauty and amazing ambiance of the wedding but also the little moments between Lauren and Aaron throughout the day as they celebrated how happy they are.  Congratulations to both families.

Melissa and Kelly didn’t want to shoot a traditional engagement session.  Instead, we did a meetup downtown, after dinner, and they hung out, had a smoke and went for a drink at the 8 ball, one of Ann Arbors famous dive bars under the Blind Pig.  I saw a bunch of bands play there years ago, we only had the jukebox and a few dart players to keep us company.  I only hung out with them for about a half hour or so, then left them to finish the date! They get married this Saturday and I’m so looking forward to meeting their families and celebrating with them!!