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Yes there are some more GORGEOUS sunset photos, and part of the reason I wanted to do the second part was to get in just a FEW of the dancing shots, two families and friends going crazy on the dance floor, the band “50 amp fuse”  were rocking as always!! but out of all this please be sure to check out the cake!! No traditional cake cutting one of the fun surprises at the reception was a Cake Pinata!! It was a great hit (pun not intended but I’m keeping it in there cause it’s funny)… so please enjoy a few more from Anna and Noahs’ wedding day!



Anna and Noah’s wedding was a perfect example of planning and pacing.  They didn’t want their day to be “about” taking photographs, but they wanted to be sure that the wedding was photographed and all the images and moments they wanted to remember could happen organically. What they did is they planned for time.  Down time, family photo time, portrait time, bridal party time, ceremony time.  The schedule rolled out in a relaxed paced way and the photos, there are plenty, reflect that.  While at the same time most of the actual events were shot candidly, there was no rushing from place to place and this allowed everyone to enjoy being with each other and stay mindfully in each moment.  I’m going to share their images in two posts!  The dancing and reception will be shared on Monday but for now the getting ready, first looks, portraits, ketubah and ceremony as well as a great collection of details pulled together with grace and style and shot magnificently by Kerri.



the rest of this amazing day will be posted on Monday!

Venue Misty Valley, Ann Arbor MI
So Flowers and some rental furniture was Liz from Parsonage Events (aka. my goddess)
Day of Coordination was Kate McClellan at Purple Clover Events
Rental Furniture including the farm tables was Kaylin Scott from A Touch of Whimsy Events
Invitations and Welcome Note were Jenna Rainey from Mon Voir
Catering was Carolyn Berry from 2Unique
Calligraphy on signs was Lisa from Pot and Box
Place card calligraphy was done by a friend and flowers glued on by yours truly!!!


The best compliment a photographer can have is having families staying with them and being able to document not only their engagement, and wedding but their growing famlies!  When Sharon and Gerald contacted me to photograph their family I was over the moon, their wedding was beyond wonderful and so getting to catch up with them was even better then I could have hoped!  Beyond all that feel good stuff they have two beauitufl babies and one fast dog baby and we captured some love a few weeks ago I had to share!



I love engagement sessions, I love getting to know and fall a bit in love with my clients, I love that they are in love.  I love sessions where we just go out and see what we can find because there is always something cool around every corner if you know where to look!!

These two were up for anything and we explored and had a crazy amount of fun doing it!! I have to wait for next year for their wedding but we have these to tide us over until then!!



Since I was about 11 years old and discovered a slim, university bound in dark blue tome of Shakespeare’s sonnets I’ve wanted to go to England. I memorized the kings and queens from 800 ad on and read anything and everything I could about the history.  My mother in law, knowing this started the planning a big trip last year then left it up to me and bam.  Last month I with 8 other members of my weird and wonderful extended family went to London and Paris with a stop in Salisbury/Stonehenge along the way.  So many photos.. do people really like to look at other peoples vacation photos… I do.  So here is a mixed up jumble of where we when and what we saw.  My family snapshots chosen out of 100′s by jut picking what caught my eye this time through.  What did I like the most.. walking to the grocery at dusk in Paris in the light rain.  What did I like the least, the photo frenzies in the Louvre.. no one looks at the art, it’s all a race to take selfies with it and  I found it very sad.  What was the highlight, watching Ares embrace everything different, from asking for crisps in the store to directing us on the subway!  My ten year old took on two of the biggest cities in the world like a world travler and that is a gift that is beyond priceless to me.


(sean took most of the selfies on his iphone :) (not in the louvre) and you can see them on my instagram :) )

  • nicole ladonne - Love them!!! So nice to see my new home through your eyes. Looks like you guys had an amazing time- sorry we didn’t get to meet up!September 22, 2014 – 7:45 am

  • Cass - These are so beautiful. They make me misty eyed about my own country! Next time (please let there be a next time!) please visit Belgium!September 22, 2014 – 12:05 pm

  • Sara S - Wow what lovely photos! Do you mind sharing any tips or must see places that are off the beaten path? I hope to visit both cities some day and your photos are so inspiring! What a great eye you have.September 22, 2014 – 8:43 pm

  • melissa - We didn’t go off the beaten path much at all Sara, for our first time we hit all the main sites!! But I tried to keep my eyes open in the in between times, the times we were resting or on our way to the sites !! thank you for the kind words!October 20, 2014 – 12:47 pm

  • melissa - heck yes!!!! thank you Cass!!!October 20, 2014 – 12:47 pm

  • melissa - NEXT TIME!October 20, 2014 – 12:47 pm


The hardest thing about having photos taken at your wedding is waiting for them! Especially when your photographer is out of town for two weeks after your wedding!!  It’s especially hard to wait when your day is as beautiful and full of love and blessings as Allison’s and Alex’s day was.  Here is a few images that capture just a tiny bit of the joy that was made just a few weeks ago!  Wishing you the same Joy for your whole lives together!