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Fjora’s Grandma (and my favorite FB friend) and Grandpa came to visit my Studio mates not to long ago and as it had been a year since we’d taken photos with them all together I popped over to get some shots and catch up with Bernice!  Fjora as usual stole the show… it was pretty lovely to see how loved she is and the cuddles with mom who had run out to the store but was just back were priceless!

Thank you all for letting me come by and capture a tiny bit of your awesomesauce!



I love them together, can NOT wait until next weekend which is their big day!! Congratulations Allison and Alex!

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  • Just Max - Really nice work, I love the two with the lake in the background in particularAugust 7, 2014 – 6:14 pm

  • melissa - thank you!! It was such a romantic, over cast day and it was NOVEMBER! Loved that we could still get out and shoot by the lake!August 7, 2014 – 10:06 pm

1004-aaweddingstory_WEB_WEBSo I’m always sure my last wedding is my favorite ever, but every wedding has something that stands out to make it unique on Alexa and Andrew’s day what stood out most to me was that they were so in tune with each other.  Wedding’s are busy, crazy, exciting and sometimes can make one frazzled.  Andrew and Alexa as soon as their first look was done were a calm center amid the celebration, moving always with mindfulness and grace, enjoying every moment as that moment was happening!  It was really beautiful and I suspect an amazing reflection of the grace with which they will live their lives together.  Can a blog post crash someones brower with too many images… we’ll find out :) enjoy


DSC_0340 copy_WEB

So much good stuff, Tina and David took me on a tour of their favorite places, from the old running track at EMU David ran on to the hanger they keep their plane, where Tina posed with an image of her Grandfather a pilot as well.  So beautiful and so much fun.  I was introduced to a new running/hiking path and we got to play with light and sunset’s on the tarmac.  The wedding will continue the pilot theme @ the Henry Ford for now though here is the engagement session (or a few of the images we have a TON of awesomesauce) Enjoy!AGL_2589_WEBDSC_0426 copy_WEBDSC_0243_WEBAGL_2796_WEBAGL_2864_WEBDSC_0624-bnw_WEBDSC_0706 copy_WEBAGL_2926_WEBAGL_2937_WEBDSC_0914 copy_WEBAGL_2952 copy_WEBAGL_2974 copy_WEBAGL_3013 copy_WEBAGL_3028 copy_WEBDSC_1053_WEBDSC_0889 copy_WEBDSC_0923 copy_WEBDSC_1065_WEBDSC_0843 copy_WEBDSC_0839 copy_WEBDSC_0808 copy_WEBDSC_0850 copy_WEBDSC_0779 copy_WEBAGL_3207 copy_WEBDSC_1090 copy_WEB

  • Tifany - Gourmet Invitations - This is going to be the most amazing wedding ever! I’m so glad such a talented photographer will be capturing the moments.August 2, 2014 – 10:59 am