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So it’s Sean and my anniversary over 22 years this weekend (observed).  This year the whole family is getting together to have dinner and celebrate and that’s new, we haven’t done much on our anniversary’s … hang out, note how lucky we are, get dinner.  So I’ve been thinking about it a bit.  How amazing it is to be madly in love with the same person for so long.  Longer then I knew my own mother.  How I’m happy, and we grow together and we learn together about how to be better partners and that helps us to try to be better people… it’s good stuff and I am thankful for him and for us.  This year I asked Ares to snap a couple pics of us and he didn’t complain to much though he wouldn’t stand still for a portrait (which is just fine with me!)

This is our little beast who was light testing for me and obviously doesn’t fall for that anymore and makes all kinds of jerky crazy movements because it’s just a light test :)


And the one he took of us :) Happy Anniversary Sean.



Big family sessions, with multiple families can be a crazy thing to photograph, and I’ve been doing more and more of them as my clients families grow and weddings and babies and children grow up.  They can be crazy but they are just as wonderful as they are chaotic and just letting everyone be and photographing that as it happens seems to be a pretty great way to capture who they are right at this moment, with hints of who they were and hints of who they are becoming!  I photographed both Katie and Krissy’s weddings, and Krissy and Scott’s twins when they were born, now Katie and Tim’s little is here and we celebrated family in a shady spot at the park.  Uncles and Grandpa were there too and it was pretty wonderful.  Here are a few of the bajillion images we captured!!


2016-05-06_0005So it seems every year I ask for mothers day a photo of me with Ares without him complaining about it.. and then I go back and look at all the photos we’ve taken and how thankful I am for them.  I attacked a poor photographer online the other day when she said she didn’t get enough photos of herself and her kids!! Totally unprovoked and I apologized but there is absolutely no good reasonto not get yourself into your images.  Mothers day was so sad for me, my mom died when I was 16, it was only emptiness.  It wasn’t until Ares was born that mothers day changed for me, I had a different perspective and I’m so thankful for my son and what he has taught me, what he continues to teach me and how he makes me see the world in a myriad of new ways.   These photos were taken four years ago at the studio!  Kerri asked me to take some photos of her and her brother to send to their mom.  Ares came with and after we photographed Kerri’s family I asked her to snap a few of me and the bean, he didn’t know what hit him :) !! Love them all.  You don’t need to do studio shots or have me come to your house (though I’d love to do that for you just email and we can get you more info and we’ll save the date) you can use your own camera -as I lectured my friend – put it  on a tree stump, on the coffee table, by the pool, set the timer to just take a bunch of photos, one every 3 seconds and grab the kids and stand in front of it… you take a zillion pictures of the dog, the kids sleeping, make sure you grab some of you and the kids.  Just make sure you are IN as many pictures as you our out of, make it a goal.  I have only a handful of photos that are of my mother and me, she just was never in them, and until my own son was born it made mothers day rough.  ..  Anyway, I love these, all these smiles directed to the mom’s and grandmoms who they were thinking of and I love what Kerri captured of me and my son!!   Can’t believe I didn’t share these four years ago (maybe I did) love having them to look at.  Love all the smiles.


  • Elizabeth Kelly Jewell - Happy Mother’s Day! Love your pictures & post. Was wondering if you were going to do any more workshops?May 8, 2016 – 4:56 pm

  • melissa - I’ve been thinking about it!! If there is interest!!! If I do it’ll be July ish and I’ll announce it beginning of June!!May 18, 2016 – 5:45 pm


Since I started my photography business I’ve met so many amazing people, it’s like part of the job to meet amazing, beautiful, interesting people.  Behind the camera I have met more independent, business owning women in the last 10 years then I thought could even exist when I was 10 years old.  They all inspire and empower me, remind me that as a woman I am just as capable as anyone of owning and running a business as anyone else.  One of those people who have continually reminded me that women can fuel their passion for work and their love of family, that we aren’t tied to one or the other, is Ana, Riley’s mom.   It was so wonderful to be there only 5 days after her new bean was born. Thank you Ana and all the business owning women with or without children who I’ve had the privilege of working and playing with this last 10 years!!

Welcoming baby Riley at just 5 days old.  I tried to capture the welcoming of the whole family to her in their lives! Congratulations my friends!



2016-04-30_0006I love crossfit, it’s the only athletic program that has kept my attention and kept me coming back for more.  I love to complain about the aches and the pains and I feel pretty strong and healthy.  It is then so inspiring to get to meet and photograph the elite women of the sport.  Last year I had the privilege of photographing Julie Foucher and this year Boxlife Magazine asked me to photograph another cover this time featuring Brooke Wells (she has a behind the scenes of me and her at the shoot on her Instagram)!  Brooke was fantastic, I’ll be rooting for them both in the open and now that the magazine has shipped and gone online I can share some of my favorite images! Thank you Brooke and BoxLife :)


It is with delight that I share a few of the images from Sam’s Bar Mitzvah! It was a fantastic evening, from sports simulators to sports memorable and the party was full of heartfelt words and heartfelt dancing.  Watching Sam’s friends and family celebrate who he is and how much they love him was awesome and I had so much fun capturing the celebrations.



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