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The biggest cliche in modern lifestyle photography is the photographer either spouting on and on about how amazing our job is, the joy of getting to photograph new families..the adorableness of the kids, the other biggest clichés is having so much to share and not enough time to do it… Both of these apply to me right now and I gotta say, I’m not ashamed to admit it, it’s a freaking privilege and I’m very grateful.  Cliche or not!  This is Gordon, we wanted to get some of Daddies vintage radio stuff in some of the images and Gordon was beyond sweet, he reminds me of a little sleeping Egyptian prince on this vintage stool I discovered!  Love these, and love the prints the family chose for their walls.  Congratulations mom and dad!!!



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Today is the first day of the Reebok Crossfit Games 2014 and I am of course rooting for Julie Foucher who I had the great pleasure of photographing for Box Life magazines July issue! I have wanted to share some of the images I loved in bnw.  She is an amazing athlete and one of the nicest people ever!  She inspires women and men everywhere and I’m wishing her great success this week!!!

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I love these guys!  It seemed the first time we met we knew if we lived closer to each other we’d be best friends… and then they moved to Arizona… but we keep in touch, and then Claire calls and they are going to be visiting Detroit and we get to hang out downtown and I get to really get to know the little boy I photographed when he was born and when he was in moms belly and I get to meet the new little girl who is amazing as well!  Thank you all for the day and exploring Detroit and next time yes, I’m coming to Arizona!!



Some people do not like being photographed… well it is in my experience that MOST people  say they do not like being photographed…I get nervous when someone else takes MY photo… but some people REALLY don’t like it..   and I understand why.  Most of the time you are having your photo taken by your mom, cousin, aunt, brother or sister after thanksgiving holiday, you’re stuffed, watching football and have to put down the 7 layer dip to smile into a cell phone while the flash blows out your face and darkens the rest of the room making you look a bit crazy and as if you are sitting in a stuffed dungeon.  You don’t know how you’re going to look, you know it’s not going to be how you wan to look.  Or you’ve had your photo taken by “those” photographers, the ones who tell you to stand still, “okay everyone now on three let’s smile… one… two … three..” click…  (I’ve been photographed by those photographers and personally I’d rather be photographed eating with food in my mouth)… that’s not fun either…

My friend Nicki hates to have her photo taken.  Oh she knows it’s important; IT IS.  She knows as a family it’s important to capture the years and love and her daughter Julia is growing up fast (and into a rather good photographer herself) but Nicki still isn’t very fond it.   That is why it’s such a big honor that she still does it, and that she has me photograph her.  Because there is another kind of photography I do and it’s in some ways a bit harder, and a bit easier.

I don’t like fake smiles, I really really don’t like them.  I don’t like stilted fake poses.  Dramatic poses when you are feeling dramatic, romantic poses when you are feeling romantic, grand gestures when you want to make grand gestures, but not fake, not “hold still… one… two … three” (and please do not have your little bean say “say cheese”)  If there is a fake smile I’ll take the photo but then I’ll have him or her not smile and then I’ll have them tell me about their favorite things and as they forget I’m holding a camera then that’s when I’ll shoot.  This means we take a bit of time to just talk, and walk and see what is happening around us.  A bit harder because it takes some warming up to each other, and a bit of opening up, there is a bit of intimacy, but in the end, capturing who you are, as you are, with you comfortable is what I think makes an amazing memory and an important keepsake.

So Nicki doesn’t like to have her photo taken, but we did it anyway. We just went on a walk :) We hung out in the tennis courts, we threw the tennis ball to her little dog Molly and most of the time she forgot to worry about how she looked, and when she remembered to be stressed, I kept talking to her until she did!  Thank you Mrs Trinka and family for trusting me to photograph you all over the years!!

  • Nicki - I love them!! You are the best :)July 7, 2014 – 7:20 pm

  • Abbey - One of my favorite families!!! SO CUTE.July 7, 2014 – 9:19 pm

  • Charley - Very nice! I love the casual interactions. That’s my boy!July 8, 2014 – 8:11 pm


Jill Baker


We had our last class last week, four sessions was just barely enough!!! What a great group of people and I have to say that my hopes of people taking the workshop to both grow as artists and grow as human beings was matched by the intent of the students!  Fantastical.  I was especially touched by the pushing of comfort zones.  One of my favorite quotes is “life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

Anyway I wanted to say thank you for putting your trust in me, to Bree, Ethan, :) Karen, Jill, Kerri and Rachel!  You are inspiring!  And I’ll had to share one image for now, something beautiful in the familiar we see everyday.