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I’m always asked what my favorite session has been, and it’s always the last session I did! This engagement session fits that criteria perfectly, I’m simply in love with the images from our walk through Eastern Market downtown Detroit!!!  Sherry and Tony I had a blast, thanks for visiting and thank you for sharing your love of photography with me!!!



You could not be a more laid back bride (well I was probably as laid back) then Dawn.  With friends and family all out at Nordman Lake for a rustic, beautiful and relaxed wedding day!  Everything was perfect, we even got some photos with their pup!  I’ve known Dawn from her work as an Event Coordinator since my first year shooting weddings and have enjoyed every moment I’ve gotten to work with her, so it was beyond special to photograph HER wedding day!  Here are a few images I love.2015-07-18_00022015-07-18_00032015-07-18_00042015-07-18_00052015-07-18_00062015-07-18_00072015-07-18_00082015-07-18_00092015-07-18_00112015-07-18_00122015-07-18_00132015-07-18_00142015-07-18_00152015-07-18_00162015-07-18_00172015-07-18_00182015-07-18_00192015-07-18_00222015-07-18_00242015-07-18_00232015-07-18_00252015-07-18_00262015-07-18_00272015-07-18_00282015-07-18_00202015-07-18_00212015-07-18_00302015-07-18_00292015-07-18_0031


As a mom who is a  photographer my son has had his photo taken a zillion times.  When I am feeling happy I love to photograph him, when I’m feeling creatively down and want to feel better I love to photograph him.  When my heart is bursting open with love for my Bean, I want to photograph him.. I love photography and the act of taking images and I love him so together it’s artistic bliss.  This trend after 11 years adds up to him being just about the most amazing person to photograph and also means he is less inclined to acquiesce as he get’s older and gets more and more tired of it. (esp being 11 and wanting to maybe not spend tons of time with Mom).  He kindly gave me five (maybe seven) whole minutes and a few moments without making faces last week and it was lovely.  I had to share a few of them (and a few of what I USUALLY get when I aim the camera at him down there at the bottom of the post for reference!)