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Looking back at 2016

So I have finally gone and pulled images for my 2015 highlights.  I’ve been prepping for this look back for a while and I’m behind the curve so many other 2016 retro’s are out there to see.   One thing I’ve noticed about the myriad of photography sites is the descriptor “storyteller” showing up all over the place.   I use the word story a lot but I’ve never used “storyteller” in any of my bits and blubs.   I guess I took it for granted, isn’t that what a photographer is, do we have to say we tell stories.  I don’t know what a photo is if not a story, or a hint of a story.  My favorite part of weddings is the story of the day.  Each image is its own thing but combined, to me, they are magic.  Distilling a day into a rich roux of moments.  Family sessions are the same, we are seeing a verse, a paragraph, a chapter, in the life of a child, a baby, a parent, a couple. Combine these sessions over the years and we start to get chapters,  telling a longer tale.   I am going into my tenth year of telling your story, and telling your story has helped me shape my own.  I am grateful.   Here are just a few of the stories, the chapters, the paragraphs, a bit of verse, that I was honored to tell in 2016. 

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