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Photographers have often used self portraiture to explore their art and themselves.  This class will focus on using self portraiture to grow and explore not only as an artist but as a human being. You will look at vision, technique and voice.  You need to bring a camera that has a self timer and/or a remote shutter.

Self-portraiture has helped shape me as a photographer and as a woman; it has been a touchstone and a way to find confidence in my work and in myself. Self-portraits are the personal work that keeps my creative engines fed.

I’m so excited to be bringing my self portrait workshop to my art studio downtown Ann Arbor.  Each Tuesday in April from 6pm to 8pm no more then 10 of us will meet for instruction, discussion and to share our work  Our focus will be self portraiture with a camera but artists who work in other mediums and want to explore this genre are more than welcome.  Don’t think of yourself as an “artist” but want to explore who you are through self portraiture, if you have a camera this is something for you as well.  Everyone is welcome! We’ll be working together to explore learning how to not only take an effective self-portrait but how self-portraiture can be used to inspire our art and build confidence.   This will be my fifth time offering this class and I can’t wait to see what we can learn and create this time!

Enrollment is limited and the cost is $275.00 per person

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If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email or leave a comment!!

I’ll be rolling out a Photographers Eye I and Photographers Eye II later in the year.  If you are intereseted in hearing more about classes offered in the future and updates only about learning opportunities please :

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Oh yeah and we do these portrait booths (they are like personal photo booths but I like to think of them as portrait booths because it’s set up with pretty light and a real person takes your picture so that’s what I call them)

We do portrait booths at about 1/3 of the weddings we shoot and it’s included as an option with 8+ packages, included, you can choose it or not, but while I photographed these, Kerri photographs them most nights and does an even better job then I do!!   I don’t share them enough and it’s not right, so as I get ready my “best of 2016” post I wanted to share some of this goodness too!

Grant and Geoff asked all guests to take a serious and a silly one then they (and I think I’m safe it’s been long enough) presented the guests with prints in their thank you!  Love the silly and love the serious, here are a few!





A big thrill of photographing a wedding is in the story, the little bits here and there between the “I Do” and the speeches where I get to show a group of people how wonderful they really are.  Catie and Ryan’s day was full of smiles, and hugs.  Everyone taking a moment to tell each other how much they meant to them.   Tears and dancing were linked hand and hand, the whole day was full of effusive expressions of love! Their reception was in Lovett Hall at the Henry Ford and it was finally my pleasure to get to shoot there.  We did some posing in front of the marble and brick of Ginger Hall then explored a bit before dinner and a surprise dance after speeches by family in the Lovett Hall ballroom.    Here is Catie and Ryans story.


2016-12-08_0001The leaves are off the trees and the snow is starting to come down and I’m going to share over the next few days a bunch of the sunny fall sessions I did this fall to brighten our screens and warm our hearts!!! Nothing more perfect than a few chairs on a beautiful front porch and piles of leaves and forest to walk through for this session!! It shouldn’t be hard it should be fun and this one certainly was!!